Get into your Fearless Flow to create marketing that reflects YOU and resonates with YOUR Ideal Client

Your coaching and creative services don't fit in a box, then why would your marketing? Whether you've had your business for more than 5 years or are just starting out, you know you are meant to make a larger impact and contribute to more people. But your time is being spent

  • Juggling multiple offerings and projects
  • Searching for clients you love (who won't balk at paying you)
  • Doing mundane tasks that you don't love 

And, let's be real, you would like to be making more money without having to work more. Do you keep trying "promised marketing success" formulas that cause you more confusion and time?  

How about an experience where you are educated and empowered to create from your intuition, supported by Magical marketers?

Fearless Flow Marketing is using best practices around marketing and branding — and then following your intuition to make decisions that grow your unique business with ease.  

Our Fearless flow approach

empowered Education

Build confidence in making marketing decisions through hands on courses. You get a marketing foundation, plus knowledge to help in future plans.

marketing magic

Go through the program with a marketing expert at your side giving you practical and intuitive advice. It all comes together in a fun and easeful process — like magic.

Organized Creativity

Learn techniques, processes, and tools that give you freedom to be creative while still keeping focused on what will grow your business. 

your new reality 

  • Grow faster with your branding and marketing foundation in place
  • Be recognized as an expert in your area - and able to charge more
  • Focus on what's best for your business and the parts you love to do
  • Be more effective while doing less - and become a lover of outsourcing
  • Feel confident in making quick decisions and adjusting your plans
  • Use the tools to scale your business, without requiring more of your time
  • Enjoy a fun and relaxed way of marketing (or at least an appreciation)

Take The leap

Want to learn more about our approach, set up time to talk to Fearless flow Marketer Lani Dame.

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